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So, what are the next steps? Well, by now you should have created a plan to help you towards your dream goal and all the documents (like your resume and letters) to help you get there. Now it’s time to put everything into action. Take one small step today towards your dream, then another tomorrow. Just keep moving forward and taking positive steps.

Make sure you call your Consultant or Coach and fill them in on what you’ve learnt and where you want to go, they can help you get there!

We’ve been on a pretty incredible journey together, and I’m sure at times it’s been challenging and even a little bit uncomfortable. But if you’ve been really open and honest with yourself and looked deeply into all the things that have led you here, you’ll be ready to make some significant changes in your life!

Good luck!

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Taking Another Look…


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At the very beginning of the program, you completed your Snapshot in Time Self-Assessment.

Now that you’ve worked your way through the program. Complete the Self-Assessment again and see if anything has changed.

Once you’ve completed the self-assessment, go to your profile page and compare your answers from the beginning to the answer you’ve given here. You might be surprised by how much you’ve shifted in some areas, just by getting clear on where you want to be in your life.

In each area of your life mark yourself from 1 to 5 of where you are now. 1 being not so good, 5 being outstanding!