Final Steps

You’re Almost There!


Complete the steps below, then click the ‘Next’ button to finish the program & get your certificate.

STEP 1: Complete your Snapshot in Time Self-Assessment again & compare.

Select how strongly you agree or disagree with the statements below. Any information we collect will be completely anonymous (i.e. not able to be linked back to you) and will be used for research purposes only.

STEP 2: Complete the feedback form.

We would really love your feedback about the program. Let us know what you thought of the program! If you’re feedback is on the negative side of things, we will make sure to give you a quick call to check that you’re okay, and get extra information on how we can improve. 

STEP 3: Watch the video & click the ‘Next…” button to complete the program and get your certificate!

By now you should have created a plan to help you towards your dream goal and gathered all the documents to help you get there. Now it’s time to put everything into action. Take one small step today towards your dream, then another tomorrow. Just keep moving forward and taking positive steps.

Make sure you call your Consultant or Coach and fill them in on what you’ve learnt and where you want to go, they can help you get there!

Good luck!