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Module 5: New Badge Unlocked!

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You’ve collected all the tools you need to find your way into a working role that will change your life! You should feel really proud of yourself for staying with the program and seeing it through to the end.

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Module 5: Conclusion to Career Toolbox


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You are amazing,

You’ve looked at the world around you, grabbed hold of your confidence key, picked your direction, mapped out your destination and packed your toolbox. All that’s left to do now is jump in the drivers seat and hit the road.

The world is yours and you can do anything you put your mind to.

I cannot express how truly proud I am that you’ve come this far – so take a big breath, hold on tight to all the things you’ve learned here… and click that next button.

Fill Up Your Tank

Module 5: Cold Calling


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Before you get started, make sure to download the cold calling information document below.

Cold Calling Information

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Cold calling employers is an important skill. It’s also a surprisingly effective way of getting a job.

If you have gone door-to-door, sent out letters asking about employment or made phone calls looking for work, then you have been cold calling (otherwise known as ‘canvassing’).

Some people can find it a little scary, to begin with, but it works really well. Take a walk around your area this week and list down 5 places you’d like to work for. Give them a call or drop in a letter and resume. You never know what could happen.

Things you can do to be great at cold calling:

How you can use this knowledge:

Get some new skills

Learn new skills that are super effective in helping you get a job.

Impress employers

Taking the initiative to walk into a workplace really impresses employers.

Get practice

Become more confident in putting yourself out there to different workplaces.

Find work

The next business you walk into could be the one you land the job with.

Module 5: Resumes


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Before you get started, make sure to download the templates and informational documents below. 

Resume Information

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Resume Template 1

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Resume Template 2

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Resume Template 3

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When you’re looking for work, you probably already know one of the most important tools is your resume.

It tells employers who you are, what you can do and why you would be the perfect employee for them. If you’ve never had a resume before, creating one from scratch can be pretty scary. Luckily, this ultimate resume creation kit will get you up and running in no time.

Even if you already have a resume, this kit will help you make changes and get you to the top of the candidate list.

What you get

How you can use this knowledge:

Get the right info

Gather all the information about yourself that an employer wants to know.

Make your resume look the part

Learn how to style and format your resume to make the most significant impact.

Create the perfect resume

Personalise your resume using one of our resume templates that you can keep and adjust whenever you like.

Tweak your current resume

Discover ways to make your existing resume even better so employers remember you.

Module 5: Interviews


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Before you get started, make sure to download the interview documents below.

Interview Information

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Practice Interview Questions

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We all love a quick tip – the little bits and pieces of info that make our lives so much easier!

When it comes to heading to an interview, quick tips are all we really need to make everything go smoother.

How would you feel if you were dropped into an interview right now? You’re put into a situation that you’re not used to, speaking to a person you don’t know and trying to tell them how good you are. You might feel weird. But you don’t have to. 

How you can use this knowledge:

Interview with confidence

Walk into an interview and wow your possible employer with ease.

Know what to expect

No more surprises when your interviewer asks you a question.

Know how interviews work

Head into any interview and know how to handle it.

Put your best foot forward

Using the tips and tricks, you will give yourself the best chance of success.

Positive Job Interview Demonstration

Negative Job Interview Demonstration

Module 5: Letter Writing


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Before you get started, make sure to download the template and informational documents below.

Application Letter Information

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Application Letter Template

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Letter of Introduction Information

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Application Letters

Maybe you haven’t written an application letter before. That’s ok because it means you are starting off fresh.

Application letters are the fastest way to tell an employer exactly who you are and what you can do. It is simply your resume shortened into a few paragraphs, and employers love them!

While some people think application letters are old fashioned, employers see it as doing them a favour. Application letters follow a simple process – why you’re applying for the job, how your experience and abilities relate to the role, why you’d be great for the position and then asking for an interview.

Tips to help you write your application letter

Letter of Introduction

When walking into businesses off the street (commonly known as ‘cold calling’), it can be difficult for employers to remember everything about you after you leave. The best way to be remembered is to write a short letter of introduction.

Letters of introduction are a lot like application letters but with one small difference. Application letters are used to apply for a job that is already advertised. Letters of introduction are asking if there are any jobs available. One is a response, and one is a request.

Letters of introduction follow a simple template

How you can use this knowledge:

Create great letters

Write amazing letters that make employers sit up and pay attention!

Learn more about computers

Use programs like Word to make your letter look great.

Build confidence in your letter writing skills

Practice becoming faster and faster at creating letters.

Improve your reading and writing

Polish your reading and writing skills through proofing and adjusting your letters.

Module 5: Introduction to Career Toolbox

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