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If you’ve ever felt lost, stuck or unsure about what direction to take, the program is the ticket to your dream destination.

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Get Clear

Build your confidence and give you clarity around your goals


Start Shifting

Shift the negative beliefs and blocks you have about yourself


Light the Fire

Unlock your potential and ignite your purpose


Live your Dream

Choose ‘unstuck’ and make your dreams a reality

Bounce Online is the most inspiring, surprising and fun employment training you’ll ever do. It’s jam-packed with videos, activities and information all lead by Bounce founder, Maria Smith.

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When you participate in Bounce, you’ll begin to see your life in a completely new way. We take on challenges using human-science training & coaching methods designed to get incredible employment outcomes. The Program features five dynamic exploration modules that take personal and professional development to the next level!


Here’s how we do it…

Your World Map

Before your journey begins, you need to discover yourself and uncover the things that make you, you. Your past experiences, and your values and beliefs shape your view of the world. When you reveal the authenticity behind this, you can map out your journey forward.

The Confidence Key

Confidence is the key to moving forward with people and opportunities. When you have confidence, you can create a powerful vision for your future. If you lose your confidence key, it might slow you down, but when you find it you’ll be able to get back on the road and keep heading towards your destination.

Get your Directions

There is always someone you can talk to and being able to communicate your message clearly is an essential skill. If you can effectively ask for directions, work as part of a team and build strong connections with others, you’ll always be able to stay on track.

Destination Work

Finding the job, career or calling that’s just right for you can sometimes feel like an impossible dream. But when you bring together your skills and personal qualities and overlap them with the things you love to do, you’ll find you can navigate towards the ideal career with ease.

Career Toolbox

All the essential tools and tips to help you get the job you want. You can open your toolbox at any time, so when opportunity knocks, you’ll be ready!

Results, Results, Results

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The Bounce methodology puts a new spin on education and inspires you to ask different questions about your life. Because it doesn’t conform to standard job training, the results are phenomenal.

Take a look at the stats!


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What do they say about Bounce

We’ve witnessed incredible transformations from people who thought they’d never be able to find their way.

Everyone has a story to tell.

And the people who have been through a Bounce Program tell some of the best!

It really helped me find out what I want out of life other than just a career and how a career ties into my life and can help me reach the thing I want in life.

~ Soraya ~

I have gained some new skills in how to write a more professional resume and cover letter, and also how to set myself more reachable goals by breaking them down into smaller things to achieve, and not to be discouraged if I don’t achieve them straight away.

~ Jessica ~

I’ve gained a lot of new skills in participating in this course e.g cold calling, networks, rapport, communication styles of others and anchors.

~ Jake ~

Discovering myself was the biggest surprise as well my values and my beliefs.

~ Maya ~

I get a chance to know about me more during this Bounce program. There are may feelings I used to feel before , but now I know their name. It helped me to identify my feelings.

~ Sharmin ~

The program helped me realise I don’t have to just apply in retail, but that I can look for work in the areas relating to my goal, i.e. books, media.

~ Alessandra ~

So how can a Bounce Program help you right now?

Talk to your consultant, coach, teacher or contact the team at Bounce Australia and we’ll help you get enrolled into one of our incredible, life-changing programs.


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